Have the Fire Industry & Government Failed in their Duty of Care to Adequately Warn
the Public about the Scientifically Proven Defects with Ionization Smoke Alarms?   2 of 3
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The Power of the Media and
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by Madonna King

In a world of big government and
big business, individuals can
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05 May, 2011  Will Your Fire Alarm Save You?
ABC Radio Interview, Transcript & Explanatory Notes
Madonna King - ABC,  Adrian Butler - The World Fire Safety Foundation,
Neil Reid - Queensland Fire & Rescue Service
Hear the interview as you read the full transcript below
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01 August, 2008
Standards Australia Formally Acknowledges Australia’s Flawed Smoke Alarm Standard (AS3786)

Standards Australia’s Fire Protection Committee (FP002) oversee Australia’s Smoke Alarm Standard.

In February 2006 FP002 became aware of the standards ‘Deadly Loophole’ where ionization smoke alarms
were subjected to the test for visible smoke but did not have to pass it (and were unable to pass it).

In August 2008, FP002 published a corrected standard where ionization smoke alarms have to now pass
the test for visible smoke.  If adopted into legislation, Australian Government scientific test data shows

ionization smoke alarms would be unable to pass the revised standard.

Have Standards Australia Ltd failed in their Duty Of Care to adequately warn the public?
After assisting with mandatory photoelectric-only legislation across America, retired Californian Fire Chief Marc McGinn joined the World Fire Safety Foundation in an Australian & New Zealand Tour to expose the truth about ionization smoke alarms.tourstory.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0
01 - 16 May, 2011  World Fire Safety Foundation ‘DEADLY Smoke Alarms Australasian Tour’
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Madonna King
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