Smoke Alarms: A Brief History: Australia New Zealand

The World Fire Safety Foundation
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Smoke Alarms A Brief History: Australia-New Zealand

The history behind the discovery of Australia's flawed smoke alarm standard

Part 1: 1935 - 1977  |  Runtime: 9 minutes

Read this document then examine the films and other documents below:

The following documents shows the Queensland government was fully aware of the inherent
defects with ionization smoke alarms before enacting its mandatory smoke alarm legislation on
01 July, 2007.  Why, as at October 2010, is the Queensland government still failing in its Duty
of Care to adequately warn the Queensland public about ionization smoke alarms?

Did Government misrepresent the facts after mandatory smoke alarm legislation?

Part 2: 1978 - 2010  | Runtime: 5 minutes

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