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Photoelectric-Specific Smoke Alarm Legislation
USA:  Ohio - Mayfield  2 of 2
Mayfield, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
01 March, 2011
Are You Using the Right Smoke Detector?
Mayfield Village, Ohio,  has joined a growing number of U.S. States
and cities to mandate the use of photoelectric-only smoke alarms.
by Kimberley Holmes

“When there are large amounts of..
smoke they (ionization detectors)..
may fail to respond fast enough.”

Lt Mike Girbino, Mayfield Village Fire Department
Mayfield Village, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA

“This Ordinance, (mandating photoelectric
  smoke alarms) is hereby declared to be
  an emergency measure immediately
  necessary for the health, safety and
  welfare of the residents of Mayfield
  Village, Ohio.”

Mayfield Village Fire Fighter Training Exercise & Ladder 621

Mayfield Village, Ohio, USA
Smoke Alarm Ordinance  |  2011-16
Fire Department Website
Population: 3,435

Mayor Bruce Rinker

Lt Mike Girbino