Photoelectric-Specific Smoke Alarm Legislation
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“Photoelectric smoke
 detectors tend to
 respond tens of
 minutes faster in
 a smoldering fire.”
Chief Kevin Jacobs
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Chief Kevin Jacobs

by Darielle Snipes

Shaker Heights
First of Three Ohioan City
to Mandate Photoelectric Alarms

The Fire Department conducted.
a thorough reveiw . . . Industry.
research and testing proved.
photoelectric sensors to.
be the clear winner.”
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Shaker Heights, Ohio’s first city

to mandate photoelectrics, is looking to implement a smoke detector training program

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Inspector Devon Paullin

06 April, 2011  |  Ohio, USA

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Shaker Hieghts and other Ohioan cities have legislated to mandate photoelectric-only smoke alarms.
Fox 19’s Kimberley Holme’s story explains why Ohio is moving to enact state-wide legislation.
01 March, 2011
by Kimberley Holmes
Are You Using the
Right Smoke Detector?

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Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA
Photoelectric-Specific Smoke Alarm Ordinance  |  11-01

Mayor Earl Leiken

Ordinance 11-01legislation_oh_sh_files/ShakerHeightsSmokeDetectorOrdinance26Jan11.pdfshapeimage_27_link_0