Photoelectric-Specific Smoke Alarm Legislation
Vermont - 1 of 3
Governor Jim Douglas signing Vermont’s Mandatory Photoelectric Legislation

Vermont: Capital: Montpelier

Population: .6M  Rank: 49th

Smoke & CO Alarms
New Requirement for Photoelectric Alarms
By the Vermont Division of Fire Safety 

Photoelectric-only type of smoke alarms are required to be installed in the
vicinity of any bedrooms and on each level of a dwelling, for all new dwellings
and dwellings that are sold or transferred, beginning January 1, 2009.

Photoelectric Smoke Detectors Become Law

“. . .it is going to take a lot of public education to completely
educate the people. Yes they have a choice, but they have

to have a photoelectric," said Barre City Fire Chief Peter John.

“I think Vermont is going to set a pace for the rest of the country
and the world. We are the first state to enact this, but my office
received an email from Australia and it turns out similar legislation
is being enacted today in that nation," said Douglas.

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