Fire Myths
The World Fire Safety Foundation
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Vermont, USA

Ten Fire Myths - Busted!

Hey there

After you’ve seen these ‘Myths’ make sure you replace
your defective ionization alarms (whether they are

battery or hard-wired, new or old) with a proper fire

detection system.

Information about what you need to properly protect
your family is in our film, ‘Stop The Children Burning

Thank you.

Adrian Butler
Former FireFighter, Film Maker

It’s a tough life having to work here every day!

Fire Myth 1:  |  43 seconds
"We Don't Need Smoke Alarms We Have Plenty Of Exits."

Fire Myth 2:  |  28 seconds

"I’m OK, The Fire Brigade Is Just Around The Corner."

Fire Myth 3:  |  38 seconds

"We Don't Need A Fire.Extinguisher, We've Got A Hose."

Fire Myth 4:  |  45 seconds

"I’m Only Renting."

Fire Myth 5:  |  52 seconds

"My Extinguisher’s Fine, I’ve Tested It."

Fire Myth 6:  |  49 seconds

"Safety Cut-Off Switches Prevent Fires."

Fire Myth 7:  |  34 seconds

"I Don’t Need Smoke Alarms, I’m Going To Smell The Smoke."

Fire Myth 8:  |  49 seconds

"I Don’t Need An Extinguisher, I’ve Got Smoke Alarms."

Fire Myth 9:  |  33 seconds

"We’re Really Careful, We Don’t Need Smoke Alarms."

Fire Myth 10:  |  60 seconds

"It Will Never Happen To Me."

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