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College of Engineering
& Applied Sciences
Smoke Detector Seminar
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“The Fire That
  Changed Everything”
  by Captain Russell Ashe
“Going back to the first video that you saw, when the representative from UL was
 there talking to you, saying that when the smoke alarms goes off that gives me
 ample time to get out.

   At midnight, when there is no light outside, when you have to go find your kids,
 when you have been breathing that stuff for an hour - that’s the room that he’s
 talking about, that you now should be able to get out of . . . You couldn’t breath
 that smoke.   I’m sorry, you just couldn’t breath it.”uc2.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0
Captain Ashe discussing Barre City Fire Department’s real-world smoke alarm tests
“The reality is, if it’s a UL listed smoke alarm, when
  that smoke hits the alarm, it will sound the alarm.”
John Drengenberg
Consumer Affairs, UL
UL’s response to investigative reporter, Bob Segall
UL’s Smoke Alarms Testing Exposed
To Underwriters Laboratories: “But they don’t.”
Karl Westwell, Co-Founder, The World Fire Safety Foundation
Captain Russell Ashe
“This is information that no one in this.
Fire Station had until a few days ago.”
Captain Russell Ashe, Barre City Fire Department, Vermont, USA  June, 2006
Runtime: 28 minutes  |  version 1.0 - Updated: 10 August, 2010
Part 3: The Fire That Changed Everything
Captain Russell Ashe
Barre City Fire Department, Barre City, Vermont, USA
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