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Smoke Detector Seminar
College of Engineering
& Applied Sciences
“What the public believes is if they get a lot of smoke
 in their house the smoke alarms are going to go off . . .

 The basis for that belief is not very scientific . . . 

  There are some gross differences between reality and
 what the public actually perceives about the performance
 of the smoke detectors . . .

 The use of single-station, ionization stand-alone smoke
 detectors . . .  for certain types of fires they create a huge
 problem in terms of a timely detection and we can do better.”
Dr B. Don Russell, PhD, Texas A & M University
Dr B. Don Russell
Texas A & M University
Runtime: 26 minutes  |  version 1.0 - Updated: 10 August, 2010
Part 5: Smoke Detector Performance Under Varying
           Fire Conditions: Research Data and Analysis
Dr B. Don Russell PhD
Regents Professor, Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas, USA
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